We also salute our many dedicated soldiers in medicine, science, research, military, Fire,
EMT government and law enforcement as well as all of the non-profit organizations
joining forces to stop the ravishes of the enemy. At this time, we embrace the ideology
to respect and follow the rules of the land and not to assemble in person for worship
in groups (beyond 10) yet we can still assemble in other ways to worship together where
we are seen and heard.  Our unity in practicing “Zero Tolerance” will save a lot more lives.

P.S. Please do not send donations here. Please donate to a local non-profit organization
in your area with the mission to find, secure and provide Doctors and Medical staff
the much needed supplies they need.
Gospel and Gumbo and Gospel Supper Club Salutes heroes like you!

Don’t Want You To Get It! By Mike Boyd.

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Skills Not Streets!

Classy Gospel Good Times!